Feast of the Sacred Vow to San Ranieri 2024

Festa del Sacro Voto a San Ranieri 2024
Festa del Sacro Voto a San Ranieri 2024
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina
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On Saturday 13 January 2024, in the church of Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa celebrates the 247th anniversary of the Feast of the Sacred Vow to Saint Ranieri.

The story. To thank the patron, to whom a prayer of protection had been addressed, for having spared the city death and destruction during the flood of January 1777, the citizens of Pisa promised to celebrate a votive mass every year in perpetuity. For many years Pisa dissolved that vow, until 2012 when, on the initiative of the Compagnia di San Ranieri, the Feast of the Sacred Vow was restored, celebrating Holy Mass every year in the church of the Spina, with the participation of the citizens and the homage to the saint by the municipal

The programme

10:15 am influx of authorities, guests and guests

10:30 am report on 'The ancient Magistratura delle Acque di Pisa' by Maurizio Ventavoli (President of Consorzio 4 Basso Valdarno) and Sandro Borsacchi (Director of Consorzio 4 Basso Valdarno)

11:00 am Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Giovanni Paolo Benotto; during the ceremony, the administration's homage to San Ranieri, prayer and blessing of the city will take place. The ceremony will be broadcast live on television by Telegranducato Toscana TV. Musicale animata dagli alunni delle Scuole Secondarie di I grado di Pisa a indirizzo musicale.

4:00 pm Musical Vespers Prayer animated by the pupils of the Secondary Schools of Pisa with musical orientation.

On the occasion, it will be possible to visit the Church Santa Maria della Spina, which will remain open with the following opening hours: in the morning from 10:15 am to noon and in the afternoon from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

A charity lunch is also planned at the Istituto Alberghiero 'Giacomo Matteotti' in Pisa to support the San Ranieri Solidarity Citadel.