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Rent your video guide, choose your favourite tour (Piazza dei Miracoli or Piazzadei Miracoli combined with Pisa City centre), select your language and start your tour discovering the most fascinating part of Pisa!

Piazza dei Miracoli (Monuments exteriors and interiors description included)
Prezzo: 5,00 €/pp

Pisa City Tour (Piazza dei Miracoli included)
Prezzo: 8,00 €/pp
A full description of the monuments in Piazza dei Miracoli and of the main cultural and historical points of interest in Pisa city centre (Cavalieri Square, Streets along the Arno river, Palazzo Reale, Domus Galileiana etc) enhanced with anecdotes and histories about Tuscany and Tuscan food, wine and people!


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Historical Museum of the Air Forces

ON 09 OCT 2019
Pisa, Centro Addestramento Paracadutismo


FROM 15 FEB TO 15 MAR 2020
Pisa, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina