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Nowadays it is impermanable, with the summer returning Utopia del Buongusto of the Theater Guascone (Pontedera - Pisa), which this year is twenty years old and promises for 2017 a full of dinners and theater evenings. Twenty-second act of scorns of the first international life experiment enjoys. For the artistic direction of Andrea Kaemmerle. The motto is always the same: "You can only enjoy or suffer, hitting is not serious". In five months, more than fifty dates have been disseminated throughout Tuscany from June to November 4th in some twenty municipalities in the provinces of Arezzo, Livorno, Florence, Lucca and Pisa. Among the various guests there are many companies to discover from all over Italy.
The Utopia del Buongusto is still proposed as the largest Regional Theater Network in the open air, rather than a rare event, a normal and simple habit. As always Utopia scouts and offers to its audience many unpublished shows, supporting the emergence of new scripts and dramatic research. "Utopia" (over 1250 evenings in twenty years with nearly 120,000 spectators) is back. Despite cuts and budgets, we will try the same and again this year will be a theatrical - gastronomic journey for aie, crushers, courtyards and shrines, always ready to seduce the audience with still a little better food and still show a Little more beautiful. A promise for those who only now meets the show directed by Andrea Kaemmerle. The informal and beatiful atmosphere of the early years is always, yet the same desire to meet people, accompany you on summer nights and cultivate seeds of humanity.
Meetings in Pisa and Province
Monday, June 5 - Preview in Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa (Pisa). Guascone Theater in "National Orchestra of the People's Republic of Danghisia". With Andrea Kaemmerle & the Sudden Band. Direction of Orio Odori. Project by Andrea Kaemmerle & Giampiero Bigazzi.
Wednesday, June 28 at Teatro F. di Bartolo, Buti (Pisa). The Theater of the Sun presents "One Night With Ulysses". With Alessandro Cignoni, Elena Giani, Monica Guerrini, Ferdinand Marmugi, Giuseppina Pieri, Cristiano Bulleri, Stefania Rossi. Coordinated project by operators Paola Foggi and Jacopo Mammini. Directed by Andrea Kaemmerle
Friday, June 30, Saturday, July 1, Sunday, July 2 at the Castellina Park, Santo Pietro in Belvedere, Capannoli (Pisa). Guascone Theater in "The Assassin's Ass" by Giacomo A. De Bastiani. With Fabrizio Liberati, Marco Fiorentini, Andrea Kaemmerle. Directed by Andrea Kaemmerle
Friday July 7 in the Municipal Villa Crastan, Pontedera (Pisa). Francesco Bottai presents "Vita semiserie", show-concert. With Francesco Bottai (guitar and voice), Mirco Capecchi (double bass), Daniele Aiello (piano), Bernardo Guerra (drums), Nico Gori (clarinet) and Beppe Scardino (sax).
On Saturday, July 15 at the Fluvial Park of La Rotta, Pontedera (Pisa). Katia Beni in "Katia Beni, 30 years of performance". With Katia Beni
Thursday, July 20 at Piazza Levi Montalcini, at the Coccopani Museum, Calcinaia (Pisa). Guascone Theater in "Balcanikos". With and with Andrea Kaemmerle (the good soldier Svejk) accompanied by excellent musicians Kletzmer Balcanici - Ras Kornica, Ivo Andreevic, Branka Ceperac, Danko Jugovic
Saturday July 22 in Piazza del Popolo, Casale Marittimo (Pisa). Guascone Theater in "Balcanikos". With and with Andrea Kaemmerle (the good soldier Svejk) accompanied by excellent musicians Kletzmer Balcanici - Ras Kornica, Ivo Andreevic, Branka Ceperac, Danko Jugovic
Tuesday, July 25 at the Cardinal Opera Maffi Square, Vicopisano (Pisa). Tuono's Machine in "The Two Corsairs", a tribute to Gaber and Jannacci. Fabrizio Checcacci: narrator and voice. Fabio Fantini: narrator and voice. Giacomo Ferrari: Keyboard
Sunday July 30 at the Villa Comunale di Bientina (Pisa). Guascone Theater in "Mystical Cabaret". Of and with Andrea Kaemmerle. And with Andrea Barsali and Roberto Cecchetti
Sunday 30 July in Piazza della Chiesa, Lorenzana (Pisa). Habanera Associazione Culturale & Firenze Folk Studi present "The Singer" from Tuscany to the Mondointero. With Angela Batoni, Susy Bellucci, Lisetta Luchini, Chiara Riondino. Music collaborations by Giulio Clementi and Matteo Ceramelli
Saturday, August 5, at the Il Frantoio di Vicopisano (Pisa). Andrea Kaemmerle and Riccardo Goretti in "Of course limp a bit". By Alessandro Schwed. With Riccardo Goretti, Andrea Kaemmerle and Asja Grisafi
Sunday, August 6 at the Agriturismo La Tana, Cenaia (Pisa). Guascone Theater presents "Balla". With Andrea Kaemmerle and Roberto Cecchetti (violin). Stage items Federico Biancalani
On Thursday, August 10 at the Shrine of Our Lady of Ripaia, Treggiaia, Pontedera (Pisa). Mo-wan theater presents "I'm just on the swing". With Michele Crestacci. Directed by Alessandro Brucioni
On Thursday 17 August at the Piazza del Popolo, Casale Marittimo (Pisa) "Maledetta Toscana". Journey sung by motto and indoli in the most beloved (and hated)
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