The “Pisa Viva” Syndacate, one of the first Natural Commercial Centres established in Tuscany, has celebrated 10 years.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the CAT Confesercenti (Tradesmen of Pisa) has obtained an award for the project entitled: “ Pisa Viva between tradition and innovation” (Tender RT n 6225/11 and admitted DD 4811/2012) with the aim of promoting history, tradition and local trades, through an innovative guise and technological instruments. The plan has been carried out thanks to a donation made by the Tuscany Region, the Province of Pisa, the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality, together with the self-financing of Pisa Viva itself.

The project aims to draw Pisans and tourists’ attention to the businesses intersecting the city’s high-street Corso Italia-Borgo. A permanent sign system (in line with the infrastructures of the city provided by the Piuss Project) will signpost the name of the activity and its commercial offer. Moreover, a QR Code has been added: it refers to historical and cultural information about the streets and also to their artistic and commercial properties.The project also includes an app for Smartphone and IPhone with the map of the streets involved in this project.