Pisa Urban Treasure Hunt is an innovative app that allows you to have a guided tour of Pisa in an interactive and fun way!

The game consists of challanges to recognize certain places or monuments, thus taking the tourists and the citizens to discover aspects of the city that are unknown and more exciting than the usual tourist routes.  Thanks to the visual recognition technology, you only have to point the camera of your smartphone to the objects of the treasure hunt to trigger actions that make the game immersive and even more exciting

Once you download the APP you could choose among 3 treasure hunts: the complete one (red logo), the intermediate one with the Square of Miracles and the nearby attractions (orange logo) and the easier one with only the stages of Square of Miracles (green logo).

The longer itinerary starts from the Square of Miracles and reach the socalled Lungarno (the road along the Arno river) goingo through Cavalieri Square, Martiri della Libertà Square, San Frediano street and the area of Santa Maria Sud.

A race against time! The more places you visit, the more challenges you win, the more points and prizes you win!

Once you complete the treasure hunt, come at our Toursit Office (located in the Square of Miracles) to collect your prize




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